It’s been a wonderful ride, but all good things must come to an end. Thankyou to all the fans old and new for their support and kind words. We hope you’re enjoying watching as much as we enjoyed creating!

-Team Spyral.

20 thoughts on “

  1. Having major problems with it, the MP4 version is practically unwatchable, all green and flickery and the AVI version was quick enough to download as far as 4GB but is now taking hours to download the remaining 0.50GB, why not just upload it to Vimeo or YouTube so people can just stream it instead?


  2. OK, now that I’ve had the chance to watch the full movie:

    Loved the mashup of the opening titles!!!
    Nice to see George Lazenby getting equal time.
    Looks like you’ve nailed the basic story line; Initial incident, “Put Bond on the case”, Meeting the villain, Getting inside, The Harrowing Escape, Return to the Lair, Final Confrontation.
    Loved the “cameos”, too. Could have sworn I saw Neil Connery in there somewhere…..
    It actually almost works as a movie on its own!


      1. I was going to put them up but ya beat me to it! looks like you got yours early though as there is files missing. hit me up if you want the other ones to complete your drive

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  3. Okay, folks, the GD link above now contains the Full Experience for DSKK.

    There are two movie files, an mp4 and an avi, for your preference.

    There are two trailers, the original announcement trailer, and a retro-styled trailer.

    There is a commentary subtitle track, where the creators behind DSKK talk about the process of mashing the films together to create this masterpiece.

    Thanks to Ricky for helping me fill in the gaps for what was a whirlwind situation where this got closed down, but like Tomorrow, will never die LOL


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